Self Improvement Tips

Both in your professional and private lives you should be able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Personal competencies can enhance job opportunities and your quality of life. What also has a huge impact on your performance is your personality type.

Learn everything you can about your personality. Knowing your bad habits can help you improve your performance and achieve the goals you have set.
Only if you know yourself well you can emphasize your strengths and reduce your weaknesses.

Personal competencies

Find out what strong and weak points you actually posses. Use a well-known business method of SWOT analysis which can be easily personalized. It doesn’t only serve business purposes, you can borrow this concept and put down your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Focus on the strengths and weaknesses as the other two are factors coming from outside.

Often, we see ourselves through a filter of our own opinion and reasoning, which makes it hard to be objective about the way we interact with the world. To determine what your strong and weak points really are, ask your relatives, friends or colleagues. Even though family members are the closest people to you, they are not recommended to evaluate your performance. Their judgment can’t be taken as fully objective therefore their opinion might be misleading and does not have to be entirely truthful. It is better to ask your co-workers for their opinion – how they perceive you either in a personal or professional way. They could help you to narrow down the list of strong and weak points you really posses.

Personality type

Every human being is unique and has different sets of individual traits and characteristics. We all possess different types of personalities and in our lives we try to understand each other and interact regardless of these differences. Personality types have been described by many psychologists so there is not one definite division of personality types. For example, based on a theory of Hippocrates there exist four human temperaments that determine the differences in our personality. These are: the Sanguines, the Cholerics, the Melancholic, and the Phlegmatic.

Lets look a bit closer at the theory of Hippocrates. Try to guess which temperament type you are.

The Sanguines are people who are not afraid of interacting with other people, they enjoy social life and meeting new people. They are characterized as charming people who get on very well with their collagues.
Choleric individuals are ambitious, task-oriented people who have many predispositions to be great leaders. They fight for reaching their goals, however, they have trouble co-operating with other people. They are not easy to deal with within a team.
A person with a Melancholy personality is highly sensitive to others. He/she is well organized and responsible. Even though melancholic people are talented and creative, they tend to be introverts and underestimate their abilities due to low level of self confidence.
Phlegmatic individuals are also introverts who are laid back and quiet. They don’t like to be center of attention and they prefer to keep their opinions for themselves better than share them with others. They love peace and calmness, therefore they try to be resistant against any deeper emotinal feelings that could distort their calm way of life.

Have you found the personality type that describes you best? Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses? It’s good to know the answer for these questions as both above mentioned factors are important performance indicators. So, confront the weaknesses you might be afraid to address and try to remove as many of them as you possibly can.

4 Tips For Better Mood

Are you depressed? Your internet is down. You missed the bus in the morning. You were late for the meeting with your boss. Does it sound familiar?

Do not get carried away by your bad mood. It is just a temporary state of mind. Try to avoid making any important decisions when you have a bad temper. You behave with affection and it could have negative consequences. When you feel that everything is against you, just switch off and leave your responsibilities for later. The following tips suggest how to get over a bad mood.

Take a Break and Have a Cup of Coffee

Sit on a comfortable place and keep your mind blank. That’s a perfect way to relax your whole body. Take a deep breath. By breathing deeply you cause the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. That results in feelings of happiness and reduction of stress levels. You can try doing this while having a cup of hot tea or coffee.
Some people prefer quiet environment while others like listening to music. Listening to your favourite tunes can affect your mood immediately. Concentrate only on the rhythm and let your problems flow away. The positive effects can last long after the music is over.

Share Your Worries

Even though you might be the most confident person who takes problems as a challenge, you still need some sort of support. To hear an opinion of someone else in a critical situation can help you with finding the best possible solution. Listen to people around you. But don’t forget to be careful! Try to avoid hanging out with people who are constantly depressed. Being around negative people can bring you down, and make you even more unhappy than you were before. Therefore, ask for an advice only those people who are sympathetic and caring.

Spoil Yourself

When you feel that today is not your day and you are allowed to postpone your responsibilities for tomorrow, don’t hesitate to relax a bit. Gaining new energy will enable you to work harder and longer. Therefore, make a plan on your own or call your friends. What about a spa day? Spending few hours in a relaxation centre whith all different massage procedures and whirlpools does not sound like a bad idea. Another option is a movie night. Watch some funny movies and hang out with your friends. Friendly atmosphere and laughing will for sure improve your mood. Finding something that is guaranteed to make you smile is the best recipe for a good mood.

Get Rid of a Bad Mood with Exercise

Exercise is a great way to get you out of a bad mood. It will replace your bad mood with endorphins that are hormones naturally released by the brain when you do certain activities. Even if it’s a walk around the block or jogging in the park, exercise has a way of making you feel energized quickly. You also become more in tune with your body and it makes you feel strong and stable.

Best 5 Colors That Increase Productivity

Try to think about a color that has the most positive impact on you. If you are responsible for choosing the most suitable color for office environments or your home, you should be aware of the effect of each color on people’s behavior. Which colors increase concentration and productivity? On the other hand which colors cause that you do not want to spend long time in a certain environment?

This article is about Color Psychology and it will explain effects of different colors on human behavior.

The basic division of colors is into warm and cool colors. Colors in the red area of the color spectrum are known as warm colors and include red, orange and yellow. If you want a room that conveys energy and cheerfulness, and encourages social interaction, warm colours are the right choice of the interior paint. However, these colours also evoke feelings of anger and hostility. For example red clothing might not help people in negotiations or confrontations. Furthermore, when considering use of warm colors in your office or house, you should know that warm colors also increase alertness and to some extent they could be overwhelming. Therefore, people tend to spend less time in a room that is red than in one that is blue. Warm colors are therefore suitable for non-production areas like entrances, corridors and locker rooms.

Colors on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors and include blue, purple and green. They are psychologically soothing and tend to create calm and quiet mood and encourage concentration. That is the reason why cool colors are mostly picked as the interior paint for production areas, maintenance shops and can make a reception appear spacious and welcoming.

  • 1. Blue color – people are more productive in blue rooms. Blue stimulates workers to a hugher performance. What is interesting is that blue clothing is recommended to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty.
  • 2. Green color – green symbolizes nature and it helps to evoke relaxed mood. It is currently the most popular decorating color. Thus the backstage rooms where actors are waiting to appear on TV or on stage are painted with green color, as it calms the nerves and people are more relaxed.
  • 3. White color – white is popular in decorating because it is light, neutral, and matches with everything. White areas seem more spacious, reflect more light and usually give people optimistic mood. Therefore white and other light colors are used in production areas, small rooms and hallways. White is the symbol of cleanliness and sterility, thus it is used in hospitals and various medical centres.
  • 4. Red color – the most emotionally intense color that stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. Red is recommended by decorators as the ideal color of furniture since it attracts attention.
  • 5. Yellow color – yellow is considered as optimistic color that enhances concentration, however it is too bright for the eye to be taken in. People loose their temper more often in yellow rooms.…

Feng Shui – Best Office Arrangement Tips

Is your office the least peaceful environment in which you find yourself each day? Your office can become more pleasant place if feng shui principles are applied. Feng shui guides you on how to place objects so that it brings harmony to the environment.

Do not hesitate to redesign your office. It is easy and it really works. Feng shui principles are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of understanding the energy that surrounds us and it deals with using positive energy, called ‘chi’ to improve a person’s good fortune and success. ‘Chi’ brings happiness, prosperity, luck and long life. Some areas have higher concentration of ‘chi’ than others. Feng shui is able to recognize these places and recommend what is the right location of objects in your office as well as the effects of light on your work productivity.
But peace and harmony may be hard to come by in the typical work day world. Arrange your office space to achieve the positive energy flow. Get inspired by the following tips.

1. Remove all Unnecessary Items from Your Office

If your office is small, avoid keeping all unimportant things there. Your office will get more open and welcoming to people who come to the office. Less furniture also leaves more options for desk placement. It is important to bring living and flowing energy into your workspace, no matter what the size of your office is. Therefore bring flowers, plants, pictures or small statues that will stimulate more-active and vibrant energy. These simple features uplift your mood and diffuse any negative flows of chi in your work space.

2. Desk Position

Desk in your office should always face the door. The most suitable place for the desk is the corner of the room where you have a control of the whole space. This position enhances the ch’i that gives you command of your workplace and tasks. Full view of the door will help you notice immediately when someone enters the room. Any distraction during your work process is unrequired. Unexpected interruptions bring a negative aspect to ch’i, which can lose its balance when some distraction occurs. When the chi is unbalanced, it causes feelings of anger and anxiety.

3. Lot of Light

Your office should have at least one window as the day light is a very effective source of energy. It keeps you fresh and you have a pleasant view of a scenery outside. Putting mirrors into the room with windows enhances the positive effects of light as it gets more intense when the light reflects from different sides. Also interior lights enable the spread of positive chi throughout your office. Nevertheless, natural lighting works better.