• Earliest date
    of new features
    November 2012
    Moredays Sync Update
    We’re working on upgrading our infrastructure to bring
    the whole new, fast and reliable synchronization across
    your devices and Google Apps
  • November 2012
    Facebook Sharing
    Sign in with your Facebook account and share
    your Moredays events with your friends
  • February 2013
    iCloud syncing
    Full support for synchronization with
    iCloud calendar, events and notes.
  • Spring 2013
    Moredays for Android
    Finally, Moredays will be available on Android
    smartphones too.
  • June 2013
    Sharing + Collaboration
    Sharing your events, tasks and collaboration
    with your friends whole new way.
  • Fall 2013
    Evernote syncing
    Full support for synchronization with Evernote.
  • Fall 2013
    Franklin Covey, ZTD and GTD support
    Do you like GTD, ZTD or Franklin Covey?
    You’ll be able to use these systems on Moredays as well!